I went to Heritage Gardens in Sandwich today. I like it there. I first went a few years ago when there was a lot of family in town and I really needed to spend some time alone. I asked if anybody wanted to join me, and when everyone made a polite excuse I knew I had found my home away from home. (Side note: I should probably talk to someone about my steadily-increasing inability to deal with too many words. It bodes ill for my future, I figure.)

I went today with my new camera hoping to learn some of its settings. The sky was overcast and very few flowers were in bloom. The classic cars exhibit, though, has always appealed to me, and so I was happy to go in there.

I’ve never cared at all for cars. Once, at a party in Queens, a friend of mine offered to show everyone his dad’s Ferrari, and everyone—male, female, young and not-so-young—leaped to their feet and went out to simply stare at this car. I suppose it was a fancy car. Maybe I’m just really unsentimental. I feel like a car should get me from point A to point B with a reasonable amount of comfort, and have air conditioning because I don’t like wind blowing in my face. Everything beyond that is, I don’t know, not interesting. So I really couldn’t understand why everyone was standing around staring at the engine of a car that wasn’t even going anywhere. A car that the owner confessed he almost never drove anywhere because he was worried about it getting damaged. Go figure. Go all the way to Queens to look at a parked car. I slipped away and declared dibs on all the best apps.

Somewhere along the way I discovered the Effects button on my camera, and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the settings. These are some of my favorites.

President Taft drove in this car. Kind of interesting.
A Stutz Bearcat. I only know of this from the Velvet Underground song. All the poets they studied rules of verse and the ladies, they rolled their eyes.
This was my favorite car. It looked like a nice shoe.
The small child in me still squeals at fire engines.
Windmill without sails.
The carousel was cool, too.
They even let me ride on it, but none of those pictures were interesting, so I’ll post this one instead.

Tonight there’s a pizza party that promises to have a whole ton of people of there. Having recharged at Heritage Gardens, though, I’m ready for it. Plus, the pizza is really good.

One thought on “Heritage Gardens and Museums

  1. Beautiful photos. Love vintage cars and carousels as well. They seem to go together as they take you to a slower time. What a fun park to have both. Thank you for sharing.

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