Once upon a time (well, earlier this year) I dedicated myself to writing a short story every week, which I shared here. Some of them were admittedly junk, but I was quite proud of a few of them. I took those favorites and collected them into an ebook which I posted on Amazon, because it was easy and because they didn’t mind that I use a pen name (screw you, Apple! stop invading my privacy!).

I shared it with family and friends, and then moved on, but someone recently convinced me to try advertising it, and since I’m all about doing the easiest thing possible, I have decided to run a promotion on Amazon. So starting today, my book, Selected Daydreams, is available for free. (If you use Kindle Unlimited, it is always available for free, so as to appease my aunties who are cheap and won’t pay $2.99 for anything.)

If you’ve been a regular reader during this time, all of the stories will be familiar to you. I mostly edited for spelling and grammar, and to fix things that just plain didn’t make sense. (At one point in one of my stories a character’s name was changed halfway through; that is corrected now.)

If you enjoyed them the first time around, you might enjoy them a second time as well, and maybe be so moved as to leave a quick review on my page. And if you missed them the first time, well, let me introduce you to them. They’re good company on a Friday commute. And you can’t beat free, right?

Doing this also gives me a chance to revisit this lovely picture that I took in Morocco ages ago. I always thought it would make a nice book cover.

Oualidia, Morocco 2004

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