Queen Elizabeth National Park 

Once upon a time, Queen Elizabeth visited this spot in Uganda, and the entire park was promptly renamed for her.

The park is in western Uganda, nestled against the Congolese border. As one of the jewels of East Africa, it is beautifully maintained and very user friendly, with better infrastructure than most of Kampala.

I came out with a driver I hired in the capital, and then signed up for a boat ride between Lake Albert and Lake Edward. In less than a day, without really needing to walk anywhere, I saw all the stuff I’m sharing, plus lots more.

How the Equator gets marked in Uganda. Always fun.
Met this handsome gentleman as soon as we entered the park boundary.

The Ugandan kob is a lovely gazelle, but you see so many that it is easy to get bored with them. I did my best not to.

The lions of this area prefer to sleep in trees. Apparently this is very unusual behavior.

These buffaloes are social outcasts. They hang out by themselves, without any females in sight.
The snow-peaked Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda’s beloved “Mountains of the Moon.” One of the very few equatorial mountains with snow.

African fish eagles mate for life. The female is bigger than the male. They look like American bald eagles to me.

This elephant trio has convinced me that I need to buy a better zoom lens.

This fishing village has been around longer than the park, so it is allowed to stay, but I guess nobody’s allowed to move into it.

What can I say, I still love miniaturizing things.

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