I had hoped to get to Rwakobo Rock at Lake Mburo with enough time to decompress and be excited about taking a night safari (which is apparently a thing), but the road from Bwindi took a lot longer than expected, so by the time I reached my destination all I wanted to do was sit on the rock and relax until I fell asleep.

The last time I came, though, was during a dry spell and the air was filled with dust and haze. This time, after several weeks of heavy rains, the air was clear and the sunset was gorgeous, so I was able to take the photos I couldn’t take before.


I told myself to get up early in the morning so I could take sunrise pictures, but it turns out I slept too late to do that. I did manage to get a few obligatory pictures of monkeys, though.


And because I am me, I did have to turn my camera onto the valley with my dreaded/beloved miniaturizing filter.


I’m back home now. I have to restock my refrigerator, do all of my laundry, and get back to my routines. It is nice to sleep in my own bed again, though, and fun to go through the pictures.

2 thoughts on “Rwakobo sunset

  1. You have taken some great photos. In this and your recent posts I have enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery and wild life or Uganda. What an amazing place.

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